ATO Audits

19/10/2013 14:05

A lot of people are worried when they have been informed by the ATO that they are being examined. It is essential to review your operations and for an external accountant to assess your accounts to make certain that any type of disclosures you make to the ATO are full and frank. This can go a lengthy method to reducing any potential penalties, interest and criminal fines compared to could use.


Having actually functioned on a lot of concerns for clients and representing those clients at elderly levels within the ATO we often locate areas that have been addressed inaccurately. These include:

• loans having been made to related bodies or connected celebrations without taking in to Division 7A or determining the passion and minimum payments on those loans improperly.
• Offshore income not having actually been accounted for properly or otherwise at all.
• No factor to consider provided for any type of prospective fx gains or losses on maturing term deposits in overseas moneys.
• No consideration offered for the application of the TOFA rules for transforming overseas currencies in to Australian dollars.
• Incorrectly computing GST when applying the frame plan to homes being sold.
• Improperly determining CGT (Resources Gains Tax obligation) on disposal of a possession. We regularly discover errors including

   - no consideration being offered for the decrease of the cost foundation for resources allowances having been declared during the life of the property;

   - incorrectly declaring the resources gains tax rebate for business that hold investment possessions;

   - wrong application of the little company concessions. In certain ruling out the effect for extracting funds from a firm adhering to the application of the local business CGT concessions.

   - understating the cost foundation causing a higher capital gain and the taxpayer paying greater taxes on the resulting capital gain.

   - not holding ahead previous year capital reduction causing a greater resources gain and the taxpayer paying greater taxes on the resulting capital gain.

These are just an example of the several issues that challenge everyone each day handling representing clients with volunteer disclosures and tax obligation audits.